Pre Wedding Photography

So you’re getting married, the wedding is approaching, you’re a bit nervous and maybe you don’t like having your photo taken. We do understand and you are not alone in feeling that way, but we are here to help!

At Hartley Photography we think it’s a great idea to get to know you a little better before your wedding with a Pre-Shoot. It gives us an opportunity to see what style of photos you would like at your wedding and also gives you an idea of how we will pose you on the day, and help you feel more relaxed with us.

You can choose the location, maybe it’s where you had your first date, or your wedding venue, your favourite beach or the place where you got engaged or where you proposed! It could be a romantic walk down a leafy lane, a stroll along the beach or maybe you like jumping off walls, or zip-wires or some other crazy stuff! Either way, we will take photos of you both in a natural setting.

One of our recent locations was Hope Cove which has a lovely coastal path with views across the sea and harbour, or you could take the ferry to Mt Edgecumbe where you have tree lined walkways, stunning gardens, sea views and beautiful architecture as a backdrop.

You may like to use one of your photographs from the Pre-Shoot on a mounted signing board which makes a lovely artistic feature for your wedding day and making it more personal. We can supply the mount and picture as an added extra. Some couples choose to have a Signing Book using pictures from our photo shoot, its up to you.

At the end of our shoot we often have time for a coffee, maybe cake! Its not compulsory of course but quite nice to take time to discuss our time together and have a laugh. Our Pre-Shoot is included in our All Day package but we are happy to add this to any of our wedding packages.

Do look at our Gallery below to see some of our great photo days with our Brides and Grooms. 

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Pre Wedding Photography
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