Choosing your wedding photographer is always a daunting and important decision. There are many amazing photographers in Plymouth but there will be one that matches your wants and needs perfectly. So, in order to make things easier, we’ve put together 7 top tips for choosing your perfect wedding photographer.

1. Bright & Light VS Moody & Atmospheric

As technology has advanced, so have cameras, photographers and their editing facilities. Where wedding photography was once quite generic, now is based on certain signature styles and different types of cameras. There’s no rule to which is better, it’s purely down to personal preference. Whatever your preference is, make sure your wedding photographer has a clear understanding and can do what you are requesting.

2. Fine Art Photography

If you’re searching for a wedding photographer, then this is a term you’ll continue to come across. There isn’t really a set definition for Fine Art Photography, however it’s when the photographer will take pictures to express an artistic statement rather than record a certain subject. Talk to your photographer about what your wants are and they will explain in detail what you need.

3. The Knockout Couple Shot

You need a photographer who will whisk you away somewhere with an incredible backdrop, at the perfect time of day to get the perfect shot of you and your spouse. Do you want a photographer that will capture your natural love? Or one that will create drama in your shots? Make sure you always ask to see examples of shots by your photographer, so you can relate to their existing experience.

4. Group Shots

Make sure your photographer isn’t going to make your group shots look awkward and forced (unless that’s what you’re into!).

5. Look at How They Capture Details & Moments

Again, looking at their portfolio ismassively important. If none of their photos grab your attention, then it’s not the photographer for you. You need to make sure you like what they’ve done in the past and that they can incorporate that into what you want on your special day!

6. Don’t Compromise On Your Personal Style

If you are a crazy, fun loving couple who don’t take life too seriously, then find a photographer who feels the same as you! If you love serious and editorial images, then find a photographer who can make it happen. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve – it’s your day after all!

7. Blow the Budget!

Your images are the lasting memory of the day. They will be shown to your children, grandchildren and great great grandchildren. Now is NOT the time to rely on your Uncle’s, Cousin’s, Dog’s Best friend’s photography skills. Beautiful wedding photography will look effortless, but it’s pressurised, time restricted and you only get one chance to capture the big day. Spend as much as you possibly can because I promise you, you won’t regret it!

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7 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer
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